How to sell Your Digital Products on Martoflix.

New Seller

Martoflix only support sales of quality products that will be of immensed help to the buyers.

We will never support products that you didn’t create yourself or products that you only have reseller rights to.

You have to be sure that you are the owner and creator of the product you want to sell on our platform before you proceed with this application.

Here are the required details and how to list your product.

(i) The link to the sales page of the product you want to sell. You are expected to have a sales copy for your products. If you don’t have one yet, hire a good copywriter to do that for you. We can also write one for you at a fee.
(ii) The link to the product. We need to check the quality of the product to ensure it meets our standards. So, a way to access the product is required from you.

(iii) The percentage you intend to pay affiliates on every sales. (Note that affiliates go for products that benefit them the most)

(iv) Your contact information where buyer of your product can reach you.

Mail the details above to {Use the subject line – Request To Sell My Product}

You will recieve a reply from us as soon as we have checked and verified that your product and sales copy are up to our standards.

An account will be created for you to track your sales and also get paid.

The registration fee is N10,000 a year and you are required to pay it before sending your details to the mail above.

If you are selling two or more products. You only need to pay N10,000 once because it is only for your account creation.

If you are listing your product now, you can pay just N5,000 to get your product listed and you are required to make the payment into the account below.

  • Martoflix Innovation
  • 7273729588
  • Wema Bank.

Attach payment receipt with the mail you will be sending with your product details.

You will receive the registration link afterwards and your product will be listed for affiliates to promote.


  • We will take 10% on every sales of your product
  • You can decide the percentage to give the affiliates but higher percentage will motivate the affiliates the more
  • The minimum amount you can sell a product is N5,000
  • Your earnings will be paid every two weeks (Thursday)
  • It takes 7days for a certain earnings to mature for withdrawal due to refund policy on a product and paystack payout rule.


Registered Seller:

You can add new products on your account but it will be reviewed by us before it can be published.

You don’t need to make any other payment again.

It is mostly advisable that you mail us the details of the product after you’ve added it via your account dashboard.


For any question, mail us via